Date today: 31.03.2020  |  Name days: Gvido, Atvars

Church in Latvia

Christianity in Latvia spread at the end of the 12th century when augustinian monk Meinhard of Segeberg started preaching the Gospel to the Baltic tribes. With the spread of Christianity in the current territory of Latvia, bishop Meinard devoted his mission work to Virgin Mary. During the Lateran Council IV in 1215 pope Innocent III gave Livonia the title of “Terra Mariana” (Land of Mary) promising to care for it as for the Land of His Son – Palestine.

Today Roman Catholic Church in Latvia has four dioceses with 247 parishes and it is administrated by Bishops' Conference of Latvia. Church in Latvia envolves various religious orders and congregations, secular institutes and lay associations of apostolic life. It is possible to get education in primary, secondary and higher Catholic education institutions. Also runs Catholic press, web sites, radio and TV programmes, and Info Centre as well.

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