Date today: 28.02.2020  |  Name days: Skaidrīte, Justs, Skaidra

Edvards Pavlovskis, bishop of jelgava

Edvards Pavlovskis was born on 22 August 1950 at Beresne parish in Kraslava district. His parents were practising catholics with deep faith. In 1968 he finished Dagda Secondary School and entered the Seminary of Riga. After 3 months he has to leave the studies to serve in the Soviet army. After returning from compulsory military service in 1970, he continued his studies and on 25 May 1975 was ordained a priest.

As priest he belonged to the archdiocese of Riga. As vicar he served at St. Anthony’s, St. Francis and St. Albert’s parish in Riga, and as priest at St. Anthony’s and Our Lady of Sorrows parish in Riga, Tukums, Majori, Sloka, Kemeri parish, St. Mary Magdalene’s and Christ the King’s parish in Riga. Between 1976 and 2000 he also taught at the Seminary of Riga: Polish, Greek and various subjects related to philosophy (logic, ontology, cosmology).

Since 10 September 2011 he is a bishop of Jelgava. Between June 2012 and September 2013 he also was an apostolic administrator of the diocese of Liepaja. 

Coat of arms of bishop Edvards Pavlovskis

Coat of arms depicts monogram of Mary that is known in the Church since many centuries. Under the monogram is episcopal motto: “Ecce filius tuus”, that means “Behold your son” in Latin. These are one of the last words of Christ where he dedicates his mother to the Apostle John and Apostle John to Mary. Symbolically through John Christ dedicated to Mary the whole Church.