Date today: 05.04.2020  |  Name days: Vidaga, Aivija, Vija


The word “ecumenism” means “universal, common” and its aim is to cooperate among Christian denominations. Ecumenical dialogue is a call for unity, reconciliation and renewal. Schism is completely contrary to the idea of the Church that Christ established. Therefore, desire to renew unity of all Christians is a gift from Christ, a call from the Holy Spirit and a challenge for every Christian.

Pope Francis has said "ecumenism is a spiritual process, one which takes place in faithful obedience to the Father, in fulfilment of the will of Christ and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. In our day, ecumenism and relationships between Christians are changing significantly. This is due above all to the fact that we profess our faith within a society and a culture increasingly less concerned with God and all that involves the transcendental dimension of life. We see this especially in Europe.For this reason, our witness has to be centred on the core of our faith: the proclamation of God’s love made known in Christ his Son. This gives us a great opportunity to grow in communion and unity by promoting that spiritual ecumenism which flows directly from the commandment of love given by Jesus to his disciples".

In Latvia are various Christian denominations that live next to each other and seek unity and cooperation.

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