Date today: 29.05.2020  |  Name days: Raivis, Raivo, Maksis


Discalced Carmelite Nuns

Carmel “Mary, Mother of the Redeemer”, Ikskile, Smilsu iela 15

Discalced Carmelite nuns live in enclosed convent that is not engaged in apostolic ministry and follow a completely contemplative life. They live a life of prayer in simplicity and poverty.

Nuns will be grateful for garden food, as well as any other type of support.
Phone: +371 65021625
Mobile phone: +371 29925047

Recipient: Baskāju Karmelīšu ordeņa klosteris (Convent of Discalced Carmelite order)
Registration No.: 90002373265
Bank account: LV78HABA0551017666290

Betlehem House of Charity

Betlehem House of Charity is a community of people who want to recover from various types of addictions. Community especially provides assistance to homeless people. Community life is based on life with God, prayer and working together.

Bethlehem House of Charity will be grateful for any spiritual and material support: household appliances, plumbing, beds, etc.

Recipient: Nodibinājums “Nova vita” (Foundation “Nova vita”), please indicate “To Bethlehem House of Charity”
Registration No.: 40008137356
Bank account: LV72HABA0551034255532

For other support, please contact us by +371 29804336.

Caritas Latvija

You can support “Caritas Latvija” as a volunteer or financially.

When transferring a donation, please indicate this information:

"A donation to support the work of Caritas Latvija"
Recipient: Nodibinājums “Caritas Latvija” (Foundation “Caritas Latvija”)
Registration No.: 40008086191
Bank account: LV46HABA0551008657797

For more information on volunteering, contact via e-mail or mobile phone: +371 2955210. 

Church construction and repair

Church construction in Ikskile

Everyone is invited to support construction of a new church in Ikskile to honor St. Meinhard, the first apostle of Latvia.

Recipient: Ogres Romas katoļu draudze (Ogre Roman catholic parish)
Registration No.: 90000529230
Bank account: LV94UNLA0033300700707.
More information: +371 65022458, +371 26551206.

Strengthening the foundation of Lielvarde church

Lielvarde church was consecrated only in 1992. It is located on a hill with embankment from three sides. Unfortunately, the church construction was carried out very superficially, without proper project management and required technical standards. Therefore, it is urgently needed to strengthen church foundation and walls. The total cost of this project is 14 000 EUR.

Recipient: Lielvārdes Romas katoļu draudze (Lielvarde Roman Catholic parish)
Registration No.: 90001080360
Bank account: LV05UNLA0050005798451

Salaspils church repair 

On 10 November 1996 parishioners celebrated the first Mass at the newly built church. Unfortunately, during the construction many mistakes were done due to lack of specific knowledge. Steel constructions are not properly constructed, but roof, walls and floor of the building are not sufficiently insulated, there is no ventilation and appropriate heating system. As a result, it is cold inside the church in winter (-18 C) and hot in summer (+38 C). In such circumstances the parishioners often have health problems. The total cost of reconstruction project is 295 541 EUR.

Recipient: Salaspils Romas katoļu draudze (Salaspils Roman Catholic parish)
Registration No.: 90000470778
Bank account: LV41UNLA0050000010880

Ministry at Ilguciems women's prison

You are invited to donate yarn that women will use for knitting useful things for orphanages and poor families. We also will be grateful for financial support for women's mental rehabilitation.

Recipient: Biedrība “Iļģuciema sievietes”
Registration No.: 40008071105
Bank account: LV64HABA0551004683189

For more information please contact Ilguciems women’s prison chaplain Daina Strelēvica: mobile phone +371 22302182, phone +371 67605576. 

Info Centre of Roman Catholic Church in Latvia

Info Centre prepares information on events related to Catholic church in Latvia and the world, maintains the content of the website, as well as provides information to other media.

You can support Info Centre by creating content of the website or by donations.

Recipient: Latvijas Romas Katoļu Baznīcas Informācijas centrs (Info Centre of Roman Catholic Church in Latvia)
Registration No.: 40008069666
Bank account: LV19HABA0551003218814

Seminary of Riga

Seminary of Riga prepares priests for ministry in Latvian parishes. Students live in dormitory and the Seminary fully ensures their nutrition and living conditions. The Seminary is mainly supported by voluntary parish donations that is sufficient only for covering regular expenses. The Seminary will be grateful for your donations to carry out repair of the buildings and the roof, as well as ventilation installation for 100th anniversary in 2020.

Recipient: Rīgas Metropolijas Romas katoļu Garīgais seminars (Seminary of Riga)
Registration No.: 90000178745
Bank account: LV03UNLA0002000701217

Riga Catholic Gymnasium

Riga Catholic Gymnasium provides Christian upbringing and promotes growth of free, socially active and mentally matured personality.

Recipient: Rīgas Metropolijas Romas katoļu Kūrija (Riga Metropolitan Roman Catholic Curia), please indicate “Support for Riga Catholic Gymnasium”
Registration No.: 90000106677
Bank account: LV37UNLA0050016701063

Poor people

"Caritas" of St. James’s cathedral invites to help the poor and needy

"Caritas" invites to donate food (that do not require storage in the fridge and have a duration of several months), as well as household goods (toothpaste, washing powder, soap, etc.).

Please leave your donations in the Food Box at the lobby of St. James’s cathedral.