Date today: 19.01.2020  |  Name days: Alnis, Andulis

The Holy See

The Holy See (Sancta Sedes) is the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the Catholic Church in Rome, the episcopal see of the Bishop of Rome – the Pope. It is the central point of reference for the church everywhere and the focal point of communion due to its prominence. It traces its origin to the apostolic era, when St. Peter arrived in Rome to evangelize. Today, it is responsible for the governance of the faithful, organized in their local Christian communities.

The Holy See is viewed as analogous to a sovereign state, having a centralized government called the Roman Curia with the Secretary of State as its chief administrator and various departments essential to administration comparable to ministries and executive departments. It enters diplomatic relations with states, and has Vatican City as its sovereign territory. Diplomatically, the Holy See acts and speaks for the whole church.

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