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The Holy See and Latvia

Relations between the Holy See and Latvia

In March 1920 apostolic nuncio to Poland Achille Ratti (Pope Pius XI from 6 February 1922) arrived in Riga to negotiate about Concordat between Latvia and the Holy See.  

On 10 June 1920 the Holy See recognised Latvia de iure.

On 30 May 1922 the Concordat is signed between Latvian government and the Holy See.  

In October 1922 archbishop Antonino Zecchini arrived in Riga as the first apostolic administrator in Latvia.  

In 1925 General Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Hermanis Albats became ambassador of Latvia to the Holy See.  

In 1935 after the death of Antonino Zecchini in Riga arrived next apostolic nuncio Antonino Arata.  

On 13 August 1940 Soviet government informed the Holy See about breaking off diplomatic relations.

On 24 August 1940 apostolic nuncio is expelled from Latvia. The Holy See never recognised the unlawful incirporation of Latvia into the Soviet Union.  

On 2 February 1983 bishop Julijans Vaivods was appointed cardinal by Pope John Paul II. Vaivods became not only the first Latvian cardinal but also the first cardinal in the Soviete Union.

On 29 August 1991 the Holy See recognised the restoration of the independence of Latvia.

On 1 October 1991 diplomatic relations were restored. As apostolic nuncio was accredited Justo Mullor Garcia.

In 1993 Aija Odiņa was accredited as ambassador of Latvia to the Holy See.

In 1997 Erwin Josef Ender became the fourth apostolic nuncio.

In 1998 Atis Sjanīts became ambassador of Latvia to the Holy See.

On 8 November 2000 an Agreement between the Republic of Latvia and the Holy See was signed.

On 28 January 2001 archbishop Jānis Pujats was revealed cardinal. He was made cardinal in pectore on 21 February 1998 by Pope John Paul II.  

In 2001 Peter Stephan Zurbriggen became apostolic nuncio.  

On 25 October 2002 ratification documents on the Agreement between Latvia and the Holy See were exchanged.

In 2003 Alberts Sarkanis was accredited as ambassador of Latvia to the Holy See.

In 2009 as ambassador of Latvia to the Holy See was accredited Einars Semanis but apostolic nuncio became Luigi Bonazzi. 

In 2014 Pedro Lopez Quintana became apostolic nuncio in the Baltic States.

In 2015 Veronika Erte was accredited as ambassador to the Holy See.